About iKids

 what we do

iKids Paediatric Dental Care is an innovative and technology enhanced specialist paediatric dental practice that focuses on making a change in the dental care of young children. Employing contemporary philosophies, continual advanced education, experience and innovative instrumentation where applicable, iKids aims to  

  • Minimise the invasiveness of dental procedures
  • Reduce recovery time for patients
  • Establish an oral health ethos for each family that can be passed on to future generations 


what is specialist paediatric dentistry

Paediatric Dentistry is the specialist field for oral and peri oral care of infants and children who are physically, neurologically or medically compromised, children with congenital oro-facial defects, children who for reasons are unable to be cared for by the general dental practitioner (e.g. advanced cases of dental caries, chalky teeth and soft tissue anomalies) and neurologically compromised adults.

Paediatric dentistry involves all fields of dentistry including dental restoration, oral medicine and pathology, oral surgery, periodontal care, endodontics, interventional orthodontics and the management of oro-facial trauma.

Paediatric dentists help little people become big people with great smiles, healthy mouths and healthy lives.

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