What to expect

what to expect at the first visit

Your first visit to iKids is to allow us to meet you and your child and to examine your child carefully. Additional examination techniques including radiographs, laser fluorescence and microscopy may be used. The gathered information is discussed with you and we prepare a plan to address your child’s dental needs and importantly to address your concerns.

As most children require time to adjust and familiarise to a new surrounding, treatment will only be carried out on the first visit if there is a need for emergency care to reduce pain or infection.


Language is a powerful tool which can guide people’s thoughts either positively or the other way. Many of the children we see at iKids have previously had unfortunate experiences that have left them anxious about a visit to the dentist. To help your child, it is important to use the right words when talking about a visit to iKids to ensure you child is comfortable and trusting. If there is a question that involves what we do, be careful not to use emotive words. Better still, let us answer the questions, we know what to say.

Oh, by the way…

Did you know:

  • A ‘drill’ is for making holes in a wall
  • ‘Ripped out’ is something you do to weeds in the garden
  • ‘Needles’ are for knitting and sewing
  • “Don’t worry it won’t hurt” means it will to a child
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