Managing your child

Management of your child during dental treatment

iKids employs a number of specialised paediatric behaviour management techniques to ensure the treatment of our patients is performed in an environment that is calm and non threatening. We encourage Parents to remain in the room with their children during the course of treatment but ask you to allow the professional team to carry out the treatment quietly. We do recognise this can be uncomfortable for some Parents and for many others, they are confident to allow their children to proceed on their own.

We invite these Parents to relax in our Parent Lounge where they can enjoy a moment of peace. Paediatric dental care can vary, ranging from simple atraumatic procedures through to treatment with the aid of sedation and general anaesthesia. The decision as to which modality of treatment is the most appropriate for your child is complex and depends on factors including medical, dental surgery and social histories, the examination findings including special diagnostic tests and ultimately the treatment needed.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

Often termed “Happy Gas” or “Laughing Gas” – this form of sedation can be very helpful for the older patients to alleviate anxiety for short and simple procedures. This form of sedation provides a care-free and floating sensation during its use, with full resolution of any residual effects following completion of treatment. Nitrous oxide does not allow an anxious patient to proceed with treatment where they otherwise would not be capable. It allows an anxious patient who will proceed anyway, in a relaxed state. A certain amount of understanding, compliance and cooperation is required for this procedure to be successful. For more information, please read this article on Nitrous Oxide

 General Anesthesia

Just like our Paediatric Medical colleagues, general anesthesia is often considered when extensive oral rehabilitation, multiple appointments or surgery is required for young children, for those with previous negative experiences or people with special needs.  Dental treatment under general anesthesia provides the Paediatric dentist with an optimal operating environment.  It therefore allows the highest standard of care allowing minimally invasive dentistry assisted with the use of microscopy and often LASER assisted surgery.

Teaming up with Southbank Day Surgery

If general anaesthesia is required, we team with specialist Paediatric Anaesthetists, Surgical and Recovery Staff at the Southbank Day Surgery, an accredited 23 hour hospital in South Perth

Southbank Day Surgery Contact Information:
38 Meadowvale Ave
South Perth WA 6151
Phone: (08) 9368 7344
Fax: (08) 9368 1222

Above all, we care for the children we see.  We have invested heavily in education and technology to provide the very best of care.  We understand the use of contemporary materials and sterilisation protocols and are pioneering advanced instrumentation and techniques to ensure we give your child a healthy smile for the rest of their life.

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