Oral Hygiene

How to brush your teeth

Tooth Brushing

Children do not have the dexterity to brush on their own until they are around 9 to 10 years of age.  It is easier to brush your child’s teeth if they are lying down so their head is supported for better control and vision. If your son/daughter brushes with fluoridated toothpaste in the bathroom, spits not rinses and then you can go back over the teeth (without toothpaste) concentrating around the gum margins.

Oral B/ Braun Vitality Electric Toothbrushes

  • Rechargeable with small oscillating head
  •  Available at supermarkets and pharmacies.

Manual Toothbrushes

Choose a toothbrush with a small soft head suitable for your child’s age. 


Once the teeth are touching (especially the molars) it is important to disturb the plaque between the teeth to prevent tooth decay. Children can “practice” this themselves but most children do not have the dexterity to do the back teeth until they are around 10 years of age.  Using a floss holder can make this process easier both for you and your child.  A holder in the shape of a wish bone will make access to the back teeth easier.  Have your child lay down for better control and vision. Once your child is an adolescent, wrapping the floss around the teeth is important to prevent gum disease. This is easier to do by wrapping the floss around your fingers or with a flossing aid such as the Gum Chucks.

Gum FlossMate

Can be reused with a new piece of floss each time.

Available online and some some pharmacies (Leighton Beach Pharmacy near iKids stock them)

Gum FlossBrush

Floss winds on after each use

Available online at the Tooth and Gum Shop


Reach Access Flosser

The handle is reused with a new floss insert (Mint flavoured)

Available at some supermarkets, pharmacies and online at the Tooth and Gum Shop


Gum Chucks

The handle is reused with a new floss insert.

Ortho Gami are also available for use with Braces.

Available online at the Tooth and Gum Shop



 Can be used to thread under the archwire with braces

 Available at most pharmacies


Neither Dr Johnston or his staff have a financial interest in any particular brand or product but we do have an interest in making teeth cleaning for kids as easy and effective as possible.  As part of your dental visit, we may recommend a particular product that we have found through experience to work.

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