The Procedure

the frenectomy procedure

To perform the frenectomy, the infant is swaddled and gently embraced using a papoose to avoid excessive movement. There will be a dental nurse securing the head and another assisting the surgeon. Some parents prefer to stay in the room with their baby; others elect to wait in the lounge. It is important that the parents feel as comfortable as possible, the decision to stay or not is not judged and the babies are looked after equally.

Babies do feel pain and it is important to us that we perform a painless procedure. Topical anaesthetic will be placed on the gingival tissue and a carefully calculated dose of local anaesthetic will be administered. The effect of the local anaesthetic will last for approximately 30 minutes. The Dental Therapist performs this task.

Dr Johnston will then use the LASER to remove the tissue. High evacuation suction will be placed close to the site to eliminate any aerosols.

after the procedure

Immediately after the frenectomy, you will be encouraged to feed your baby in our designated feeding room. Although numb, the majority of babies manage very well. Eve, the lactation consultant who is part of our team will be on hand to assist you.

We expect that there should be little to no discomfort after this procedure, partly by the action of the LASER sealing blood vessels and nerve endings. However, many mothers report that their baby is unsettled after the procedure, which we believe may be residual agitation from the intervention. Should you feel it necessary, administration of analgesia (eg. Colourfree Panadol Baby Drops) can be given following the age and weight recommendations on the packaging. No specific after care is required to the sites. Your lactation consultant can help you with exercises that help with movement. 

Closeup of a baby's head in doctor's hands

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