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Stainless Steel Crown

A stainless steel crown is used to restore a molar tooth when significant tooth structure has been lost or missing where structural integrity and form is critical. Missing tooth structure can be due to a number of factors including:
  • dental caries, or decay.
  • a tooth that has not formed correctly – hypoplasia.
  • from a trauma.
  • a combination of the above.

A stainless steel crown is a preformed metallic tooth shaped crown that fits over the remaining tooth structure to protect the tooth from further breakdown. They are very strong, long lasting and easy to care for. They can be used in both the primary and secondary dentition.

In the primary dentition a stainless steel crown is designed to last the life of the tooth and exfoliate as if it were a natural tooth. In the permanent dentition the stainless steel crown can be replaced with a porcelain restoration of various types when the patient reaches maturity.

Pre and post operative stainless steel crown restoration

Stainless-Steel-Crown-RestorationStainless Steel Crown Restoration-1

Stainless Steel Crown Restoration-2Stainless Steel Crown Restoration-3

When placing the stainless steel crown, the tooth is prepared to ensure all dental caries or compromised tooth structure is removed. An adhesive material is used to bond the stainless steel crown over the remaining portion of tooth. The dental crown for kids is seated into place to ensure a good seal is achieved at the gingival margin.

In some cases in may take a day or so to get use to the feeling of the stainless steel crown. The bite may need to readjust and it may feel like there is pressure on the teeth either side.

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