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Adhesive Restoration

An adhesive restoration is a tooth coloured filling material that is bonded to the remaining tooth to reform the tooth form and function. It is utilised where the tooth structure has been lost due to dental decay, where the tooth did not form correctly or where trauma has resulted in partial tooth loss.

Adhesive restoration can be used in both primary and secondary dentition and in anterior and posterior teeth. The materials come in a variety of shades, individually matched in order to reproduce the tooth colour and character.

Fracture incisors


Immediate restoration


These adhesive restorative material include composites, compomers, glass ionomer cements and and resin modified glass ionomers. Composites, compomers and resin modified glass ionomers are moisture and light sensitive, requiring careful moisture control during placement. A rubber dam is used to isolate the tooth from saliva and moisture in the breath.

Adhesive restorative materials are ideal for minimally invasive dentistry, a philosophy of removing only the infected dental tissue and replacing it with a bonded restorative material whilst retaining as much tooth structure as possible.

Minimally invasive dentistry and preservation of natural tooth structure is an important treatment philosophy at iKids. iKids remains at the forefront of paediatric minimally invasive restorative techniques including LASER assisted procedures.

Minimally prepared molar


Completed adhesive restoration using rubber dam


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